All new designed in the USA, the RX28 is the most advanced, lowest CG 1/28th scale kit in the market today. When we set out to design our own car, we wanted to make a car that was fast, easy to use and fully hopped-up out of the box.  


When you put together your RX28, our goal is that you will have a highly tunable, premium quality race kit! We want you to hold it and say, WOW!


The RX28 Features:

-Lowest CG in the Market

-Adjustable Rear Slider Pod

-Adjustable linkages and ball sockets

-Adjustable Rear Plastic Body Height

-Vertical Loaded Rear Side Springs

-Threaded Center Shock with Adjustable Positions

-Easy Adjustable Front Droop Access

-Long arm front suspension and Zero Bumpsteer turning geometry with easily adjustable ackerman

-Machined Delrin Plastic Arms, Pivot, Side Links and Threaded Front Shocks

-Machined 7075 Aluminum Pod and Axle Carrier, Bulkhead, knuckles, shock mount, shock tower, axles and ball ends and ball studs

-Ultra Light Rear Ball Differential

-High Speed Steel Ball Bearings

-Machined and Coated Brass Chassis

-Premium Carbon Fiber throughout




-98mm Wheelbase

-145g-170g weight RTR Depending on body and Electronics

-69mm to 78mm Rear Track Width

-72mm to 75mm Front Track Width


Need to Complete:

-Body and either front clip or front bumper

-Wheels and Tires

-Electronics: Motor, Lipo Battery, ESC, Receiver and Servo (Please note, the provided servo horn is designed to work with the AGFC A06CLS sized Spline, the Atomic Servo is a little bit of a tight fit but works, and the GL the PN Anima Servos will fit as well).