PN Racing V3 Pro Tire Truer for Mini-Z 2WD AWD Slot 3mm Shaft

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DUAL Tires truing at the same time, Ensure driver & passenger tires receives a perfectly balanced true and a symmetrical tire surface, yield the best result and performance at track .


Spacer applies

2WD Wheel

17mm for F0 F1 F2 F3 R0 R1 R2

17mm + 3mm for R3 and R14


AWD Wheel no need spacers apply


• Hard-anodized surface
• Adjustable grinding depth enables full control of desired tire diameter
• Specifically designed and manufactured grinding drum for the highest-quality grinding
• For Mini-Z 2WD and AWD wheel, rubber tires and foam tires.

Recommend input power 7.2V to 12V (min 10A), for best result please use 2S LiPo Battery!