96101 Rear Axle Repair Pack Drift ART 

98802 Master Motor Mount Alu.6061-T6  Drift ART 

thermal conductivity, helps the motor dissipate heat.Install ESC next to the motor, enhance combat power. It can also make wiring simpler. By flipping the motor mount and reversing the gearbox, the motor can be set to any angle


98302 RTM Rear Toe Master Alu. 7075 (Rear Arm Toe Mount) Drift ART 

The RTM itself provides two tie rod geometries, matched with the metal rear hub holes. Can form 6 geometric forms. Forming an integrated rear arm system, adjusting the toe will not affect the camber, making it easy to adjust quickly and disassemble and install. 


96042 Screw Pack 2-2 Drift ART


96042 Screw Pack 2-2 Drift ART


96042 Screw Pack 2-2 Drift ART 

98202 Locking Rear Hub Alu. 7075  Drift ART.

The Locking Rear Hub is equipped with a bearing lock, which can  

eliminate the shaking of the bearing and reduce the play. 

Don't lock the screw too tight, just lock it lightly to  

keep the bearing running smoothly. 

96041 Screw Pack 1-2 M2x2 Set Screws Drift ART 

98301 New EX-Arm Alu. 7075 Rear Arms Drift ART 

Infinite Extention 7075 Alu. Rear Lower Arm extend ranging from  (0-6mm mono -side), (0-12mm bi-side). Its precision structural system inludes finite adjustment , locking hole, shock-holder lock-screws ,  ensure  extreme flexibility,  durability, adjustability and stability supporting all 1/24 to 1/28 scale model. For DA3 and DA2. 

98811 Drift ART Body Mount Slim Set 16-24mm 2 pcs 22-35 2 pcs 


98813 Drift ART Body Mount Slim Tall 22-35mm 2 pcs 

98812 Drift ART Body Mount Slim Short 16-24mm 2 pcs