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G-force F1 "Formula

€289.95 €275.00
Op voorraad

G-force F1 "Formula

€289.95 €275.00
  1. !!!"Pre Order"!!!


Dit word wel heel leuk mensen dit is de unieke kans om de supergave nieuwe F1 van G-Force "de G-force Formula"  te bemachtigen.

Bij de pre order zit een set banden naar keuze 💪🏻

This is your chance to be one of first to get  the G-force Fumula F1 car

On this pre order a set of wheels will be included 💪🏻


Betalen met paypal is ook geen probleem 

Payment via PayPal is possible we will inform you when we ship the F1

(We prefer friends and family choice)




G-force Formula:



- W bar to create more grip to the rear 

 - super low cg 

 - double arms front suspension 

 - 50 degree front shock angle(increasing performance of front dampers)

 - 3mm front wheel axle

 - Compatible with all 1/28 servos

 - easy adjustment servo position 

 - traditional center shock and double disc damper 

 - aluminum parts 

 - 2mm Aluminum chassis

 - adjustable motor mount

 - 114 mm. Wheel base

In stock!

G-Force Lightning

In stock!

G-Force Lightning


This car is greatness from Thailand!

Lightweight, low centre of gravity and only premium materials!


It features a unique type of rear pivot design reminiscent of the Mini-Z t-plates, which makes for an easy to setup rear end and lots of grip!

Double A arms in the front with very tight tolerances to ensure minimal play,

Moveable servo mount so you don't have to shim the servo to get the optimal position,

And a nice mounting point for the transponder.


It comes with a set of front suspension arms to change camber (0, 1, 2 degrees) and 4 "t-plates" to change rear suspension.

Electronics, differential and center shock are not included.


We offer the car in our own anodized color which shows off the amazing aluminum parts! The last two pictures show this.