MRZ SF Chassis Kit (No electronic)

€199.95 €189.95
Item number: MRZSF-KIT

MRZ SF : Simple Front system


- Compared to double arm system, which maybe difficult to understand for beginners, SF sytem is more easy to build, easy to get symmetric, and easy to tune and set up.

- New carbon steering top plate with improved Ackerman for more gentle steering response.

- Camber adjustment with provided 0.2mm shims. 4 shims = 0 degree, 3shims = 1 degree, 2shims = 2 degree, 1shims = 3 degree.

- 0.1mm shim will be an optional part and provide .5 degree adjustment.

- Overall arm length will be wider adding more stability and drivability. 0 offset rim = 74mm width which is equal to +2.0 on traditional MRZ.

- Brass Chassis is included

- Clutch Gear Diff (AR-286) is included

- New Light Weight Battery mount (able to fit 46mm x 21mm x 12mm batteries)